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Durianrider’s Beginner Tips For Starting The 80/10/10 Diet

By on July 21, 2013 in vegan low carb foods We spoke with Harley Johnstone, better known on YouTube as Durianrider. Durianrider shares his tips for beginners starting the 80/10/10…

27 Responses to “Durianrider’s Beginner Tips For Starting The 80/10/10 Diet”

  1. Have you seen Fat Blast Blueprint? (look for it on google) It is a quick and easy way to burn fat fast.

  2. Seems interesting, but .I did -20 lbs in 2 month.Visit

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  4. Wow, this guy looks really old for being in his early 30′s. Not to mention the swollen/enlarged parotid glands just like Doug Ghraham.

  5. Hello! I’m Matt.I did -35 lbs past 2 month.Open

  6. Harley is the man.

  7. Harley – so sweet and sensitive on other people’s channels!

  8. Well there are many sayings that Humans can “fend for themselves” or “survival of the fittest” but the way the humans enslave entire populations of animals just for their own game mostly monetarily it is unfair because the animals are now helpless on their own and need out support as human beings to bring peace to US and to THEM as well.

  9. People think vegans are aggressive and insulting…but they really are not. It is your own fault for taking things too seriously and personal over something so simple…food. It is food for godsake. People get so touchy when they meet a vegan who tells them they are doing something wrong with their diet, simply because deep down they know the vegan might have some valid points and is onto something. People don’t want to change their bad habits and most won’t.

  10. I am not a vegan, simply because I can’t be in the current situation I am in. However, I going to go vegan in September this year. I’m not doing it because of the animals, and a lot of people don’t do it for that reason. Obviously I think slaughter houses are cruel and evil and I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to slaughter a cow so why should I eat one? But that isn’t the point..the fact that other people eat animals bothers me because it is so unhealthy, not because it is cruel.

  11. why does what I hold to be true anger you so much that you resort to insulting me? If vegans hold so much compassion for animals then where is the compassion for their fellow human beings? I know you do not represent veganism but I have seen a lot of this, and it’s just hindering universal unity. It’s great that we can let animals live in peace but where is the peace between humans?

  12. If you honestly think breatharianism is even vaguely possible you must be suffering from some sort of brain damage..please see a doctor

  13. big pharma would have him assassinated !

  14. 3 weeks into 80/10/10 and I feel so much better. I owe this transition to Harley and Freelee. Love the videos on here- thank you 

  15. facebook. com/PlantBasedEvidencePaleoDiet?fref=ts

  16. A study was also done showing that meat-eating is optimal. Those studies are all subjective, and it’s a general consensus between a lot of well-educated people within the plant-based scene that fruit and veg is very different compared to a few hundreds of years ago. In other words, we may need more than just fruits and veg (this doesn’t stand for everyone, but fruit and veg from your local supermarket may be far from optimal), and this is where herbs etc come in

  17. “That said, if our bodies have been deteriorated we cannot just live without dense food we need to heal ourselves truly before we can do that.” In other words, we are living in toxic environments with chemtrails etc and already depleted bodies. Most of us cannot follow a lifestyle like this because our bodies need to be repaired using minerals herbs and so on. That is not to say breatharianism isn’t achievable.

  18. let’s assume this one guy is living as a breatharian. does it follow that breatharianism is a healthy and nutritious diet that we all should follow if we are seeking radiant health and abundant energy?

  19. A study was done checking the differences between fruit and vegetable mineral content from past to present and found very little difference.

    Farmed animals are hybrids. Many people here love the benefits of eating 80/10/10. What alternative would you recommend?

    en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Breatharianism

    30bananasaday. com/video/the-complete-myth-of-breatharianism-exposed

    Love and peace

  20. I agree fruit is great, but like I said it is not what is used to be. There are no proper studies on the effects of hybridised fruits, or the differences in mineral content of fruits flown half way around the world or the differences in fruit compared with 100 years ago. I watched that video and it does not debunk breatharianism at all, it doesn’t even mention Prahlad Jani either. I’m just saying a lot of us may not be getting the minerals needed from poor quality (organic) fruits.

  21. It has been de-bunked. Did you watch the video?
    Love and peace

  22. 80/10/10 also includes leafy greens, veggies, nuts and seeds for optimal mineral intake. Those who have access to the internet usually have access to bananas, mangoes, melons, dates, oranges, berries, grapes, persimmons, etc etc.
    Love and peace

  23. Regular fruit is associated with reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease (especially coronary heart disease), stroke, Alzheimer disease, cataracts, and some of the functional declines associated with aging.
    Diets that include a sufficient amount of potassium from fruits and veg also help reduce the chance of developing kidney stones and may help reduce the effects of bone-loss. Fruits are also low in calories which would help lower one’s calorie intake as part of a weight-loss diet. Wiki

  24. Fruits are generally high in fiber, water, vitamin C and sugars, although this latter varies widely from traces as in lime, to 61% of the fresh weight of the date.[31] Fruits also contain various phytochemicals that do not yet have an RDA/RDI listing under most nutritional factsheets, and which research indicates are required for proper long-term cellular health and disease prevention.

  25. Also, I’d suggest to anyone who’s concerned about ‘mineral-depleted soil’ to eat more fruit. It’s only the topsoil that will be affected to any significant degree by mineral depletion. The roots of fruit trees go down a lot further than that and will bring up minerals from sub-soil, from rock layers deep in the ground. And even if a tree is deficient to any degree in minerals, what will happen is that it will produce no fruit, or less fruit, not ‘minerally-deficient’ fruit. Debbie Took antisupp

  26. Prahlad Jani, look him up. Breatharianism cannot be debunked if there are people living on this earth that do not consume what we think as ‘food’. Everything is energy, and we get energy from ‘food’, which is just a denser form of energy. In that sense, sunlight and the air (moisture) can be thought of as ‘food’ because we can get energy from it as well. That said, if our bodies have been deteriorated we cannot just live without dense food we need to heal ourselves truly before we can do that.

  27. I am far from anti-fruit and I do not wish to put labels on things because there is no separation. I agree we all originate from Africa, but the a lot of the fruit today is not how it was back in the day. The soils are depleted and a lot of fruit doesn’t contain enough minerals. Hybridised fruits really just provide sugar, so depending on where you live and the quality of fruit a lot of people can’t thrive on just fruit. And that 10% is for the whole world I mean just Caucasians.

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